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340B Market Access Program

R&S Solutions offers an enhanced logistical process for pharmaceutical manufacturers who provide 340B pricing or Sub-340B pricing to eligible 340B covered entities in the US.

R&S 340B is an integrated logistics pathway focused on serving both manufacturer and covered entity to ensure that covered entities can easily purchase the products they need for their eligible uninsured or indigent patients.

This is an efficient, cost effective and compliant process that can improve the overall productivity and profitability of your organization by enhancing the 340B replenishment process. Covered entities can directly access the products they need when they need them in order to better serve their eligible 340B patients.

Manufacturers and covered entities may contact R&S Solutions for more information on how to participate in R&S 340B by sending an email to us at 340b-clientservices@rssolutions.com or calling (855) 655-7556.

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R&S Solutions operates a 230,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility.

We are situated in the heart of West Tennessee, with convenient access to major freight routes and large commercial airports. We manage all levels of pharmaceuticals and can fulfill each pick or case pick orders. Our capabilities include:

  • CSOS orders of CII- substances
  • CII through CV storage in both ambient and refrigerated formats
  • Full line ambient Rx, OTC, and medical supply storage
  • Same day inbound receipt of products
  • New to market launches
  • Rapid backorder fulfillment

Our high-density storage facility utilizes wire guidance equipment for RFID supported pick processes. Our team can rapidly pick, pack, and ship any size order, from one bottle to FTL capacity, with 100% accuracy and the highest quality of care.

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Distribution and Logistics

R&S Solutions is a licensed exporter, allowing us to ship to all 50 states and all US territories.

Our experienced staff includes teams that specialize in large and small order picking and processing, enabling us to provide a logistical solution to every potential need. We are proficient in LTL, FTL, and sea container inbound receipt, and will mobilize the best team to meet your individual requirements.

Additionally, we provide logistics integration with 3PL providers and small parcel carriers, in order to ensure quick service and accurate results. We are also able to manage all inbound shipments from your CMP or the port.

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Account and Client Management

As a company, we are tenacious and determined to help our clients meet their goals.

In many cases, this requires our specialists to be creative and develop unique and innovative solutions to client issues. We pride ourselves on rapid response times to service requests and a frictionless process for client support. For optimal client convenience, we also provide a secure online portal for real-time access to inventory and order activity.

At R&S Solutions, you will always receive personal service, and will never be seen as only a ticket number. We get to know our clients and strive to ensure that every client speaks with the right person to receive the right service the first time.

We promise:
  • A streamlined onboarding process with experienced project manager support
  • Dedicated account specialists
  • Rapid response times
  • Innovative solutions
  • Real-time, reliable access to information
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Finance Expertise

Our team of finance experts work to ensure that your Order to Cash cycle operates smoothly and consistently.

We promise timeliness and accuracy in all financial responsibilities. We handle customer invoicing, receive and post chargeback data, apply cash payments, and provide comprehensive reporting, to enable a painless month-end closing every time. Your sales force, along with every employee that we come into contact with, will receive individual attention and a personal touch. We are thrilled when our finance organization aids in eliminating any discrepancies in your bottom line.

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Information and Technology Services

Top security and seamless communication are the utmost priorities of R&S Solutions' information and technology team.

Our technological innovations and modern systems allow us to respond to your needs faster than ever before, while fully protecting the integrity of your products. Our technology services include:

  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • EPCIS data exchange
  • Online inventory activity portal
  • Customized reporting
  • Secure and redundant data center operations
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At R&S Solutions, we take the security of our clients' products very seriously. Our facility currently boasts 91 security cameras, 72 motion detectors, 46 door contacts, 51 vibration sensors, and 5 panic switches, so you can have full confidence in your products' safety.

R&S Solutions also maintains a DEA-approved cage surrounding our enhanced-security vault for controlled substances. The extra precautions for this area also include restricted entry to protect the integrity of these products. We require all authorized personnel entering the cage must be accompanied by another team member for the duration of their work within the vault area.

Our facility is temperature-controlled, with automated monitors. Any excursion in the temperature sends repeated alerts by all communication mechanisms to on-call team members until acknowledgement is made, so potential issues can be quickly resolved before any damage occurs.

We additionally seek frequent UL audits to ensure that we are in compliance with all local and federal laws. Together, these comprehensive, best-practice measures ensure faultless storage conditions for all products entrusted to our team.

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Manufacturing Commercialization Support

The highly accomplished R&S Solutions Pharma Team works closely with newly emerging and start-up pharmaceutical companies.

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience, and will help guide you into the complex US supply chain to ensure a successful product launch. We would love to collaborate with you on your next venture.

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Licensing Services

The R&S Solutions Regulatory Team currently manages numerous individual, federal, and state licenses and permits for our clients.

We additionally manage NABP-VAWD certifications, cGMP annual audits, and three Federal (3) DEA licenses for domestic import and export of controlled substances.

Our menu of services includes pharmaceutical manufacturing state licensing procurement assistance, if needed, for all pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, as well as for OTC and medical device manufacturers.

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