We maintain regulatory compliance with vigilance and integrity, for our family and every partnership we have.

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Image for Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) compliant.

Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) compliant.

On November 27, 2013, President Obama signed the drug Quality & Security Act (H.R. 3204) into law. There are two sections of this bill, including Title I: Drug Compounding/ Compounding Quality Act and Title II: Drug Supply Security Act (DSCSA).

DSCSA establishes a national system for compounding quality. It additionally sets standards for tracing pharmaceutical products through the supply chain and mandates a national licensing standard for 3PL's and wholesale distributors. This establishes criteria for handling suspect and illegitimate products.

R&S Solutions is fully compliant with all the mandates and requirements per the DSCSA legislation and thus requires all business partners to also follow the letter of H.R. 3204 (DQSA).

Image for R&S Solutions holds over 80 licenses and permits.

R&S Solutions holds over 80 licenses and permits.

R&S Solutions currently maintains over 80 permits and licensures as required to ship pharmaceuticals to every state and U.S territory with commonwealth status. In addition, R&S Solutions is federally licensed from the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency, with three separate licenses for both domestic & international (export/import) distribution.

Image for NABP certified.

NABP certified.

National Association of Board of Pharmacy has the VAWD accreditation program for pharmaceutical distributors, as well as dispensers of pharmaceuticals. VAWD is the absolute “gold standard” for all suppliers of medical products in our country's supply chain. It is a rigorous set of audits, inspections, and events in order to accomplish this milestone. R&S Solutions received accreditation upon opening for VAWD and has since been re-approved via the most recent survey for another two-year term.

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Please note that this list is updated on our website the first week of every month. Some states may not be included in our list, as every state has different license regulations that are required within it. R&S Solutions does have the capability to ship to any US state or territory. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact our office and request Ullrich Mayeski or email your designated contact at R&S Solutions.

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State (click to view license) License Name License Number Expiration Date
Alabama Third Party Logistics 195504 12/31/22
Alaska Third Party Logistics 156133 06/30/22
Arizona Wholesaler (Full Service) W003030 10/31/22
Arkansas Wholesale Drug Distributor WD04924 12/31/22
California Non-Resident Third Party Logistics Provider NPL 1169 12/01/22
Colorado Wholesaler Out-of-State WHO.0008300 10/31/22
Connecticut Wholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices CSW.0004048 06/30/22
DEA Distributor (2, 2N, 3, 3N, 4, 5) RR0519934 04/30/23
DEA Importer RR0535320 04/30/23
DEA Exporter RR0574613 04/30/23
Delaware Wholesale Drug Distributor A4-0002472 09/30/22
Delaware Manufacturing & Distributor License DM-0012829 06/30/23
Florida Wholesaler Out-of-State 232784 06/30/22
Florida Third Party Logistics Provider 02327 06/30/22
Georgia Wholesaler Pharmacy PHWH004249 06/30/23
Hawaii CS CS E13303 04/30/23
Illinois Third Party Logistics Provider 278.000101 12/31/22
Illinois CS CS 378.000030 12/31/22
Indiana Third Party Logistics Provider 94000078A 09/30/22
Iowa Third Party Logistics Provider 80081 03/31/23
Iowa CS CS 2210493 04/30/23
Kansas Pharmacy/Facility 5-104111 / 4.1 06/30/22
Kentucky Third Party Logistics Provider TPL00230 06/30/22
Kentucky Wholesaler W03963 09/30/22
Louisiana Third Party Logistics Provider 9042 12/31/22
Maryland CS
CS 2100407
Michigan Manufacturing & Wholesaler License 5306005043 01/22/23
Michigan CS CS 5315090088 01/22/23
Minnesota Wholesale Distributor 900101 10/31/22
Mississippi Third-Party Logistics Provider - Category Three 16703 12/31/22
Mississippi CS CS CS-16703 12/31/22
Missouri Out of State Wholesale 2017032830 10/31/23
Montana Wholesale Distributor PHA-WDD-LIC-54480 11/30/22
Nevada Wholesaler WH02402 10/31/22
New Hampshire Wholesale Drug Distributor 06790 06/30/22
New Jersey Drug & Medical Device Registration (Wholesaler) 5005331 01/31/23
New Mexico Wholesale Drug Distributor WD00012264 12/31/22
New Mexico CS CS CS00224961 04/30/24
New York Wholesaler 037896 11/30/22
New York CS CS 02A1056 07/13/22
North Carolina Third Party Logistics Provider 1551 12/31/22
North Carolina CS CS NC-DHHS-1002981 07/31/22
North Dakota Third Party Logistics Provider TPL370 06/30/22
Ohio Third Party Logistics Provider - Category Three 012661300 06/30/23
Oklahoma Third Party Logistics Provider 88-L-5904 05/31/23
Oregon Drug Distribution Agent DDA-0000289 09/30/22
Oregon CS CS DDA-0000289-CS 09/30/22
Pennsylvania Wholesale Distributor 3000010142 04/30/23
Rhode Island Wholesaler DIS03469 09/30/22
Rhode Island CS CS CDIS03469 09/30/22
South Carolina Non-Resident Third Party Logistics Provider 17499 06/30/22
South Carolina CS CS 40-17499 04/01/23
South Dakota Wholesaler 600-3124 12/31/22
South Dakota CS CS RR0519934 04/30/23
Tennessee Wholesale/Distributor with CS 0000004892 07/31/23
Tennessee Third Party Logistics Provider 0000005326 10/31/22
Texas Rx Out of State (Wholesales Distributor) 1002332 08/27/23
Utah Third Party Logistics Provider 11313415-1714 09/30/23
Utah CS 11313415-8913 09/30/23
VAWD 03/09/22
Vermont Third Party Logistics Provider 159.0000034 07/31/23
Virginia Third Party Logistics Provider 0242000173 02/28/23
Washington Pharmaceutical Wholesaler License PHWH.FX.60788638 09/30/22
Washington DC Non-Resident Wholesaler License DM1900205 07/31/22
Washington DC CS CS CF1900064 07/03/23
West Virginia Third Party Logistics Provider 3PL0000199 06/30/22
West Virginia CS CS 3PL0000199 06/30/22
Wisconsin Wholesale Distributor of Prescription Drugs 2898 - 45 05/31/24
Wyoming CS Drug Distribution Agent with CS (Combo) CSB00614 06/30/22
Wyoming Third Party Logistics Provider with CS (Combo) 3PL0081 06/30/22