We maintain regulatory compliance with vigilance and integrity, for our family and every partnership we have.

Image for Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) compliant.

Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) compliant.

On November 27, 2013, President Obama signed the drug Quality & Security Act (H.R. 3204) into law. There are two sections of this bill, including Title I: Drug Compounding/ Compounding Quality Act and Title II: Drug Supply Security Act (DSCSA).

DSCSA establishes a national system for compounding quality. It additionally sets standards for tracing pharmaceutical products through the supply chain and mandates a national licensing standard for 3PL’s and wholesale distributors. This establishes criteria for handling suspect and illegitimate products.

R&S Solutions is fully compliant with all the mandates and requirements per the DSCSA legislation and thus requires all business partners to also follow the letter of H.R. 3204 (DQSA).

Image for R&S Solutions holds over 80 licenses and permits.

R&S Solutions holds over 80 licenses and permits.

R&S Solutions currently maintains over 80 permits and licensures as required to ship pharmaceuticals to every state and U.S territory with commonwealth status. In addition, R&S Solutions is federally licensed from the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency, with three separate licenses for both domestic & international (export/import) distribution.

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NABP certified.

National Association of Board of Pharmacy has the VAWD accreditation program for pharmaceutical distributors, as well as dispensers of pharmaceuticals. VAWD is the absolute “gold standard” for all suppliers of medical products in our country’s supply chain. It is a rigorous set of audits, inspections, and events in order to accomplish this milestone. R&S Solutions received accreditation upon opening for VAWD and has since been re-approved via the most recent survey for another two-year term.