R&S Solutions is the premiere family-owned pharmaceutical logistics company providing cost-effective, high-quality 3PL services to the health care industry.

From our family to yours

R&S Solutions was founded in 2017 to provide
cost-effective, high-quality
logistic services to the pharmaceutical and related health care industry, thus making us one of the
only independent, family-owned businesses in the 3PL arena.
We create partnerships
to find a solution for every need.
Image representing 100+ years of<br>industry experience

100+ years of
industry experience

As the newest member of the R&S family of businesses, Solutions aims to leverage over a hundred years of industry experience. With a wide range of services offered through our family programs, we promise the highest quality of accuracy and service in everything we do.

Image representing 3PL and 340B

3PL and 340B

Our experienced staff is devoted to providing supply chain efficiencies that streamline third-party logistics, which increases our clients' service levels and reduces costs. In addition, our innovative 3PL program also provides an effective savings platform for our clients who are involved in the everchanging 340B marketplace.

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Image representing Experts in logistics

Experts in logistics

R&S Solutions has numerous business models to fit all your logistical needs. This includes traditional logistics to warehousing chains, wholesalers, and distributors or direct to retail, hospitals, and clinics. We can create a logistic plan to service your specific needs.

Image representing Family-oriented partnerships

Family-oriented partnerships

Our team desires to make you part of our family through professional and exciting partnerships. Our goal is not to recreate a transaction, but instead to generate a personable relationship with you and your business. Let us be the successful solution to your logistical problems.

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We aim to be a friend to our customers and the environment!

The solar panel farm located on the R&S property allows us to constantly use renewable energy. This energy powers our front offices at a lower rate, allowing us to provide a lower-cost service to you.

Direct Customer Solutions

New name. Same Family Value.

In mid-2022, R&S Solutions will be making a name change as we adjust to our new 232,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. In our new home, designed with the latest technology and space to meet all your logistical needs, we will continue to uphold the highest integrity of your product while providing personal service.

Direct Customer Solutions' new automated storage and retrieval system will maximize 3PL efficiencies while also ensuring the highest accuracies. Our high-speed cranes can move 8.7 feet per second and raise or lower at a rate of 2 feet per second. Our Movi-Rack within our vault will give us remote control access to every product you entrust us with, while also receiving Opex perfect pick services.

DCS strives to continue to be your family owned, client valued choice for 3PL services in the OTC, CII-V, and cold chain arena. Our team offers quality service and innovative solutions to find the right fit for your every need.

With us, you are more than a client. With us, you'll feel like family.